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What We Do . . . 

The County Recorder's office preserves and maintains many of the community's most important pubic records, including, but not limited to, the following:





Mechanics liens

Military discharges

Subdivision plats

Surveys, leases

Public and private bonds

Powers of attorney

Federal tax liens

Other legal & binding public records

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with fast and accurate assistance with your recording and searching needs.  Most documents handled by us are recorded within 24 hours, and our turn around time is less than a week.

We look forward to serving you, and hope that this website gives you a head start in fulfilling your needs with our office.

(Indiana Code: 36-2-11-8)  

The County Recorder's function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments.  These documents detail transactions involving real estate, mining, personal property, mortgages. liens, leases. subdivision plats, military discharges, personal bonds, etc.  Generally, all of these instruments are recorded either for giving legal public notice of their existence, or for safekeeping and future reference.

Additionally, the Recorder maintains and preserves all legal documents affecting title to real property.  These records are the legal basis for determining ownership.  The degree with which the Recorder fulfills his or he responsibilities ultimately forms the legal foundation for the institution of private property.

(Indiana Code: 5-15-6)  

The Recorder is a member of the county commission on public records, which as authority over the preservation or disposition of all public records maintained by the county.

SOURCE:  Association of Indiana Counties

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